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Concrete Patios

Concrete Patio Installation

Ready to make the most of your backyard and expand your living space outdoors? Our concrete patio contractors can design and install the perfect concrete patio in Augusta, GA to breathe new life into your backyard.

From rectangular concrete slabs to curved concrete that adds an organic feel to space, we can do it all with quality concrete patio installation.

One of the most popular trends in Augusta? Raised concrete patio decks. A raised patio allows you to enjoy a larger outdoor living space with better elevation, dimension, and yard separation. You don’t need to worry about dirt getting kicked onto the patio, plants creeping over the surface, or a spring downpour flooding the patio.

Our residential concrete contractors also offer decorative concrete patio solutions if you want something beyond standard gray concrete. A stained concrete patio in Augusta can add rich color to your outdoor space and complement your landscape design. With a new concrete patio installation, we can add an integral color. Integral pigments add color that extends through the entire slab and won’t fade over time due to UV exposure and weather. Acid-based and water-based stains can also be used to add subtle and earth-toned color or vibrant hues to your patio.

Another solution that can be combined with a stain is a stamped concrete patio. Stamped concrete is a technique that involves stamping the concrete before it sets to resemble more expensive materials like wood planks, natural stone, or brick.

Concrete Patio Extension

You don’t need to just live with an undersized patio that’s barely large enough for a patio set let alone your big plans for your backyard. Ready to expand your outdoor space and get more use out of your patio? We offer many ways to extend a concrete patio in Augusta, GA.

If you’re ready for a larger patio, there are many options. The most straightforward solution is having a new slab poured around your existing concrete slab. Concrete resurfacing or staining can be used to perfectly blend the new and old concrete together.

In some cases, new concrete can be poured over an existing slab, as long as it’s in good condition. One of the most popular solutions is to extend the concrete patio with pavers. Once complete, you will have a larger paver patio with a section installed over the existing slab. We can also design a brick and concrete patio that blends the two materials in a beautiful and cohesive fashion.

Concrete Patio Repair

Your once-pristine concrete patio is now showing signs of age. If you have a cracked concrete patio or you have more serious issues like lifting or sinking of the concrete pad, our concrete repair contractors in Augusta, GA can help. We offer a variety of services to resurface a concrete patio and make it look like new again.

Concrete patio crack repair typically involves using a polyurethane filler product or a patching compound followed by resurfacing the entire concrete slab with a stain or paint.

This will disguise the repair and restore a flawless appearance. If your concrete seems to be sinking, there are two common options to lift it back to its original position. Mud jacking or slab jacking works by pumping a slurry under the slab to push it back up from below. This will require drilling holes through the sunken slab at strategic locations. Polyurethane foam infection lifts the slab with closed-cell polymer foam. The foam is injected through smaller holes and it won’t add a significant amount of weight to the load of the slab.

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Concrete Foundations

The foundation of any building embraces a significant role because it’s the section that holds the entire structure in position. It is very important that the foundation of the building is strong and durable. If the foundation of the structure is not up to the spot, then the structure is useless. For strong and high staying power foundations, concrete is the best option. It is the most extensively used foundation material for all kinds of constructions. Augusta Concrete Pros has become one of the top Concrete Contractors in Augusta with an experience of Over Seven Years. We bring a broad series of services from concrete construction to destruction and excavation. Like all additional services, our concrete foundation service is of topnotch quality. We mark all boxes in our service for ultimate client-facilitation. From our appropriate concrete foundation cost to the excellence of our service, every characteristic of our service is convenient for clients.

The Scope of Our Service:

The concrete foundation service of Augusta Concrete Pros has a wide scope to cater to all the needs of the client. We offer concrete foundation services for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Their details are given below:


We provide a highly efficient and convenient concrete foundation service for residential purposes. Our professionals have a full grip on their craft and can deliver the strongest base for your house. We improvise according to the design of a house and deliver the most suitable concrete foundation for it. Our residential concrete foundation installers are aware of all the latest techniques required for the installation of an effective base. We also have a concrete foundation estimator service that will tell you the budget of the project beforehand.


Augusta Concrete Pros offers concrete foundation services for all kinds of commercial purposes. Whether you want installation of the concrete foundation for a condominium or a church, our concrete foundation installers will deliver the most reliable service possible.


We also provide state of the art concrete foundation services industrially. Our professionals can deliver the most durable concrete foundations for industrial structures.

Types of Concrete Foundation We Deal in:

Augusta Concrete Pros provides services for all kinds of concrete foundations and some of them are given below:

T-Shaped Foundation:

It is the most commonly used type of concrete foundation used in an area where the temperature falls well below freezing. The size of the footing is kept larger than the wall to provide a much more stable and strong base. Augusta Concrete Pros provides the most reliable installation of a T-shaped foundation.

Raft Foundation:

This is one of the strongest types of concrete foundations. In the raft foundation, a poured concrete slab supports the whole weight of the structure. Our professionals have extensive experience in installing raft foundations for all kinds of structures.

Slab on Grade Foundation:

In slab on grade foundation, the footing does not support the base rather the concrete is poured directly on the gravel to make a firm base. Our professionals take all the measures to lay down the concrete base efficiently that can support any type of load. We ensure that edges of the concrete slab are thick to set a strong footing of the foundation.

Why Choose Us:

Augusta Concrete Pros is the most suitable option for all your concrete foundation needs. There are various factors that make us the best choice amongst all concrete foundation contractors in Augusta. So, if you are sitting in Augusta and searching for the best concrete foundation contractors near me, your destination is Augusta Concrete Pros.