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Concrete Foundations

Concrete Foundation Contractor

The foundation of any building plays a significant role in the stability and strength of the entire structure. It is very important that the foundation of any building be strong and durable. If the foundation of the structure is compromised, then the structure is bound to have major problems. For strong and durable foundations, concrete is the best option. We have become one of the top Concrete Contractors in Augusta. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the concrete industry.

The concrete foundation service of Augusta Concrete Pros has a wide scope of services to to offer our clients. We offer concrete foundation services for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

Residential Foundations:

We provide concrete foundation service for residents in and aroiund Augusta, GA. Our concrete professionals have years of experience pride themselves on delivering a solid base for any building or structure. Our residential concrete foundation installers keep up with changes in the industry to make sure we offer the latest methods and technology for your foundations. If there's one place you don't want to compromise, it's in the foundation work of your home.  

Commercial Foundations:

Augusta Concrete Pros offers concrete foundation services for all kinds of commercial applications. Whether it's a slab for a new office building, parking structure, industrial building, retail store, or government building, we're here to help.  Details become critical when dealing with larger structures and places where there is increased wear and tear and heavy loads using the surface.  Our commercial team is ver familiar with these complications and we are always improving our processes to give you the lasting foundation you need for any structure.

concrete slab augusta ga
concrete slab augusta

Concrete Foundation Types

Augusta Concrete Pros provides services for all kinds of concrete foundations and some of them are given below:

T-Shaped Foundation:

This shape is most commonly used in areas where the temperature falls below freezing. The size of the concrete footing is poured  larger than the wall to provide a more stable and stronger base. Augusta Concrete Pros provides the most reliable installation of a T-shaped foundation in the area. 

Raft Foundation:

This is one of the strongest types of concrete foundations. In the raft foundation, a poured concrete slab supports the weight of the entire structure. Our concrete foundation professionals have extensive experience in installing raft foundations for all kinds of structures.

Slab on Grade Foundation:

In slab on grade foundation, the footing does not support the base, but instead the concrete is poured directly on the gravel base to make a firm foundation. Our professionals take all the calculated steps to lay down the concrete base efficiently to ensure that it can support any type of load. We ensure that edges of the concrete slab are thick to set a strong footing of the foundation.

Augusta Concrete Pros is the most suitable option for all your concrete foundation needs. There are various factors that make us the best choice amongst all concrete foundation contractors in Augusta. So, if you are in Augusta and searching for the best concrete contractors near me, call us right away and see how we can help you.